Q&A with Leslie Christy: Human Design & Spirit Guides

Written By Leslie Christy
INTUITIVE, ENERGY HEALER, HUMAN DESIGN, AND CHANNEL Leslie is an intuitive energy healer and channel who specializes in Human Design and Spirit Guide communication. Leslie’s intuitive messages and insights help you shed self-doubt and limiting beliefs so you can step into greater energetic alignment. LEARN MORE

Meet Leslie Christy, Your New Go-To Gal For Human Design & Spirit Guide Channeling

Q: How’d You Get Into Human Design?

A: I first discovered Human Design while searching for my purpose. I was asking myself the questions, who am I, and how am I meant to show up in the world? Intrigued by Human Design, I started learning as much as I could about it. There is a lot of information out there and at times it felt confusing and prescriptive. When I started using my intuition with Human Design and treating it like my own personal experiment, everything started to make sense. Human Design helped me decondition, heal, release limiting beliefs, and tap into authentic energetic alignment.

I never could have imagined Human Design was shaping up to be part of my purpose, but it’s undeniable now. Each person is unique, and their energy expresses itself in a way that is specific to them. When I’m doing a Human Design reading it’s like the chart lights up with the person’s energy and speaks to me. It’s super cool! I can channel intuitive messages using their Human Design chart as a guide.


Q: What’s Your Favorite Thing About Human Design?

A: Human Design has been such a gift in my life, and I love to share that same experience with others. Human Design is all about you and how you’re meant to show up in the world. Human Design gives you a practical guidebook to embrace your most authentic self and energy. You Can tap into your purpose, areas of growth, your personality, your intuitive gifts, and how your unique energy flows and interacts with others. When you are looking at your chart in an empowering way, it can help energize you to embrace and honor all parts of yourself. In sessions, I love it when I can feel the expansion in a client, as though something has been unlocked and they feel empowered to honor their highest self. It feels magical me.


Q: What is the most powerful experience you’ve had so far with Spirit Guide Communication? Either as a practitioner or client.

A: I love getting reiki, massage, and sound healings from other healers as a part of my own self-care routine. During the sessions, I started having these incredible visions and I started sharing these visions with the healers after the session ended. It was so cool, every single time I shared the vision I had, they would light up and share how meaningful the vision was to them. They would tell me that I was seeing a spirit guide that is important to them, the sacred place they go to during meditation, or a representation of how their energy flows. I started to realize this was one of my gifts and I could channel spirit guides for others, that is how my spirit guide sessions evolved.


Q: What is something most people don’t know about you?

A: I absolutely love traveling and spending time in nature. It’s a great way to step out of my comfort zone to learn and grow through new experiences. In 2018 my husband and I took the leap to travel full time and bought a 20-year-old RV, renovated it, sold all our belongings, and took our work on the road to explore and spend more time with loved ones.


Q: What is a session with you like?

A: I offer empowering sessions by phone that will help you honor your energetic flow and ignite the intuitive spark within you.

In my Human Design Sessions, I connect to your energy and intuitively channel empowering and expansive messages, using your chart as a guide. You will leave the session feeling seen and with a deeper understanding of how to embody your unique energy and purpose. You can choose from three Human Design Sessions including a beginner reading that covers how your energy flows, a session where you explore your purpose, and a session where you discover your intuitive gifts.

In a Spirit Guide Session, I guide you through a powerful, healing meditation. We all have the ability to connect with our Spirit Guides, and I show you how to do this for yourself! Spirit guides are here to help and support you in everyday life and each guide is as unique as you are. I connect with your guides and share messages from spirit that lead to deeper alignment, flow, and peace.


Q: How can I book a session with you?

A: That’s the easy part! You can book a Human Design Session or a Spirit Guide Session with me directly from these clickable links. I am so excited to work with you and connect.

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