Q&A with Nicole Broadus: Acutonics® & Sound Healing

Written By Nicole Broadus
CERTIFIED ACUTONICS® PRACTITIONER While attending an energy medicine retreat in Asheville, NC, Nicole experienced Acutonics® (sound healing), and it called to her. Now a level 10 Acutonics® practitioner, Nicole merges her sound healing with her intuitive gifts to create a divine healing experience. LEARN MORE

Our talented Acutonics® healer, Nicole, is back and here to answer all your burning questions!

Q: How’d You Get Into Acutonics®?

A: I discovered Acutonics® when I was at a weekend healing immersion workshop five years ago in Asheville, NC. The wife of our energy medicine coach was an Acutonics® practitioner who introduced our group to the tuning forks by placing them on different acupoints on our bodies before her husband did energy work on us.

I felt the most intense rush of energy after she placed the tuning forks on me, followed by a huge release of tears and repressed grief that I didn’t even know that I was carrying. It created a huge energetic shift within me both emotionally and physically, that was so profound. I was instantly compelled to learn how to do Acutonics® for myself and others.  


Q: What’s Your Favorite Thing About Acutonics®?

A: My favorite thing about Acutonics® is how it can create such powerful energetic shifts and healing in a gentle and non-invasive way. Many people that I’ve worked with describe that they feel a huge weight is lifted from them.

The magic is in the shifts created by tapping into the eight extraordinary vessels, which are 8 specific meridians that act as time capsules within our body that allow me to access the root where the trauma or wounding occurred in the past to heal it in the present. The 8 extraordinary vessels are where we can store:

  • Intergenerational trauma and inheritance
  • Past events /reactions and behaviors that affect our future (apprehension, fear, stasis about the future, inability to change)
  • Past events that keep affecting us in the present (can’t let go of past)
  • Sleep issues, anxiety, depression, etc.
  • Reproductive issues
  • Digestive issues

Each session that I hold includes treatment within the 8 extraordinary vessels as well as multiple points within the 12 primary meridians and chakras that are selected based on information that I gather from my client in the intake session.


Q: What is the most powerful experience you’ve had so far with Acutonics®? Either as a practitioner or client.

A: One of my favorite success stories comes from a client I have who is a Critical Care Nurse Practitioner who suddenly lost her husband at age 32 due to an undiagnosed heart condition. She had been dealing with extreme grief and depression from the shock of losing her husband, on top of the stress of being on the front lines of the pandemic working in a busy hospital. Despite seeing a psychologist, getting support from friends and family, and more, she still felt a huge weight on her from the grief and was having trouble moving forward.

A mutual friend of ours introduced us and suggested that I might be able to help her. After the first session, she contacted me and told me that she felt like a huge fog that had been hovering over her had lifted and that she felt a huge shift in her energy as well. Thereafter, she started coming to me on a regular basis for treatments to continue with her progress in healing grief, but also for stress relief and overall wellness.


Q: What is something most people don’t know about you?

A: I love to dance. Whenever I have had a stressful or challenging day, my favorite thing to do is to turn on the music and dance around. It always lifts my mood and makes me feel energized. It is always a bonus when I can do it in front of my teenage daughter and see the embarrassment on her face as I lip sync and dance to songs from the ’80s and ’90s from when I grew up and show her my old school moves. 


Q: What is a session with you like?

A: A session with me is unique to each individual because I tailor each session according to the specific needs of the client. Most of my sessions are done via distance over Zoom, which is just as effective as if it were done in person.

In a first-time session, I listen to their story and ask questions to better understand their issues and needs so I can identify the root cause and set an intention for the session. I also gather information from my client’s angels and spirit guides to help me create the perfect treatment plan for them. I create an individualized treatment plan that outlines what areas of the body that I will target along with the sound intervals that I will use.

Next, I instruct the client to lie in a comfortable spot in their home with headphones or earbuds on so that they can listen to and feel the vibration of the sound tools. I start and end each session by grounding the client to make sure that they are in their body and to prepared to receive the session. Then, I work on the front and back of the body applying various sound intervals to the body on various acupuncture points and within the chakras. Most people report falling into a dream-like state and some even fall asleep as I am working on them. Prior to applying each tuning fork combination to the body (I use two forks at a time), I strike the forks and hold them up to the mic for the client to hear before I apply them to the body.  

The best part of a session is that the sound vibration allows people to let go, relax, and most importantly “get out of their heads” as they lay down and receive the energy that runs throughout their entire body.

At the end of the session, I play multiple planetary gongs and chimes that help to slowly bring back my clients into their bodies and then I wake them up. Some people feel the energy shifting immediately, while others may feel shifts within the next day or so depending on how much density is in the body that the sound needs to penetrate through blockages or energy stagnation worked on. 


Q: How can I book a session with you?

A: You can book an Acutonics® Initial Session or a Follow-Up Sound Healing session if we have worked together in the past from these clickable links. I am so excited to work with you and connect!

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