Relationships: Keeping It Magical From The Start

Written by Dana Childs

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Want romance? Or is your current relationship feeling disconnected or strained? Then give yourself 4 minutes to read this.

Romantic Relationships – The beginnings are always so magical, so full of excitement and joy.

Why is this? And how do we prolong that happy feeling throughout the relationship?

The Beginning

It’s all the good stuff. Why? Because we’re looking for all the good in our partner. Our hormones are heightened, and we’re focused on seeing how this person is adding value to our lives.

We see what they do and who they are through the framework of acceptance and love. And they respond to this.

It’s a sweet time. We prioritize spending time with our partner and often vocalize what we love about him or her.

It’s also the time in a relationship when we create dreams. There is time dedicated to creating visions of a future together. Often, there is the feeling that it will last forever, that you never want it to end. (Which is your Spirit letting you know it’s exactly the right person for you right now.)

In the beginning of a relationship, we’re more situated in the present. We aren’t harboring resentment of the past or feeling fearful of the future.

We’re all in, and we’re focused on love. 

Breathe that in again because it’s important – we’re focused on LOVE.

When you look at someone with love, they respond.

It’s when we start fearing they won’t meet our needs or can’t meet our needs that our relationship starts to falter. It’s when we are unforgiving and don’t allow them to make mistakes and amends that the heart grows heavy and unhappy.

Being in a relationship means being in a constant state of forgiveness and choosing to see your partner through the lens of love even when they hurt you.

Don’t get me wrong – it doesn’t mean being a doormat or being mistreated. But it does mean letting things go and choosing love. Again and again and again.

How do you keep the beginning magic going?

It’s not as hard as it seems. If you’re looking to reinvigorate your relationship, try these tips: 

  • Always assume that your partner has your best interest at heart and lead conversations and questions from there.
  • Choose to constantly see what added value your partner is bringing to your life, and communicate gratitude for that daily.
  • Pay attention if your focus is too bent on what your partner is doing wrong or how he or she is disappointing or hurting you.
  • When your partner hurts you, have a vulnerable, open conversation about it and talk about it until you both feel complete and resolved. THEN, never bring it up again. When it’s done, it’s done.
  • Make time to see one another and spend quality, undistracted time together. Put it on the calendar if you need to.
  • Don’t threaten to leave or break up. This creates a lot of unsafe feelings.
  • Allow time to dream together and share your visions of the future, even if they’ve changed.
  • Accept your partner as they change over time. Because they will. Take the time to continually get to know who they are.

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