Dana is a sought after speaker who works with companies and organizations to create wellness and inclusion programs and events. She also helps plan and facilitate executive, team building and healing retreats.

Grounded in reality, she inspires through storytelling and motivates with emotional truth. She delivers to corporations a new way to view. . . everything. She aids in transforming individuals and corporate culture. Her talks, workshops, retreats, and consultations give people permission to be themselves within any organization along with an emotional toolkit to navigate the waters of their work and personal worlds.

Work With Dana

  • Corporate Speaking
  • Executive Coaching
  • Company & Executive Retreats
  • Wellness and Inclusion Programs

Companies Dana Has Worked With


In healing sessions, Dana uses dialogue and her intuitive gifts to help you align with your Spirit’s purpose. She helps you identify and work through problem areas in your life by bringing awareness to patterns and karmic issues. She will assist you in cultivating self-awareness to bring light and healing to your past and present. This allows you the possibility to create the life you’re divinely meant to live. These sessions help you connect to your deepest desires while clearing limiting beliefs, emotional wounds, stagnation, and unhealthy patterns.

Work With Dana

  • Intuitive Energy Healing
  • Emergency Healing Consultation
  • Couples Healing
  • Executive Coaching
  • Awakening: A Weekend With Dana
  • Class On Demand

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