Dana is a sought after speaker who works with companies and organizations to create wellness and inclusion programs and events. She also helps plan and facilitate executive, team building and healing retreats. No matter whom she is working with, Dana speaks the unspoken and is willing to make people uncomfortable by driving to the heart of human nature and venturing where no one has yet to venture in the business world.

Grounded in reality, she inspires through storytelling and motivates with emotional truth. She delivers to corporations a new way to view. . .everything. She aids in transforming individuals and corporate culture. Her talks, workshops, retreats, and consultations give people permission to be themselves within any organization along with an emotional toolkit to navigate the waters of their work and personal worlds.

Executive Coaching

In an Executive Coaching Session, Dana helps you identify the energy you are bringing to your career that may have you feeling stuck or unhappy. These sessions can help you garner greater self-awareness that may result in you becoming a more effective leader and achieving more success in your current position. The healing sessions can increase clarity and confidence and help you improve communication allowing you to manage your business or team more effectively. Dana will help you navigate gaining a promotion or even choosing an entirely new career path. No matter the issue at hand, Dana helps drive to the heart of the situation while helping you manage your stress. Career coaching sessions with her aid your personal growth, increase your confidence, and allow you to move forward while aligning your purpose with your authentic self.

What To Expect

Dana uses dialogue and a connection to your Higher Self and The Divine in order to facilitate self awareness that can move you toward career fulfillment. The goal is to provide you with valuable insight so that you may awaken your authentic self in your area of business. We will awaken and expand your emotional intelligence by delving into where you are versus where you want to be, the energies of those around you including supervisors, colleagues, and direct reports, and fulfillment of your purpose. These consultations can help you become a more effective leader, succeed in or find a new position, increase clarity and confidence, improve communication, gain a promotion, manage a business or team more effectively, or even to create an entirely new career path.

How to book a consultation

To book a consultation, send an email to Indicate the type of session that you’d like (Energy Healing, Executive Coaching, or Couples). Please be aware that Dana does tend to book out a couple months in advance. When you receive your appointment time, note that you will call Dana at the provided number for your session. Payment is to be made a minimum of one week (7 days) in advance in order to hold your appointment time. If payment is not received 7 days prior, your appointment time will be released to another person. Cancellation for a refund (minus PayPal fees if that applies) must take place a minimum of 48 hours in advance. Cancellations less than 48 hours prior to your session will not be refunded.

50 min – $250​ | phone or in-person session

Company & Executive Retreats

Dana works with companies and executive groups to help facilitate programs dedicated to furthering the organization’s wellness and cultural goals. She leads retreats that range from modest to luxurious both domestically and abroad. Dana will work directly with you to tailor a retreat designed to bring about the connection, change, solidity, and increased productivity you are seeking within your organization. Retreats can include seminars on an array of topics ranging from conflict resolution and boundaries to intuition in the workplace. Activities and events are tailored to facilitate team building, self-awareness, and stress management. Yoga and mindful meditation can also be included upon request. Small groups may request private executive coaching sessions if time and space permit.

Plan Your Company’s Retreat

Are you ready to decrease your staff’s stress and increase their productivity? Company retreats allow you and your employees time to reconnect to their authentic selves, renew their passion for their work, and boost camaraderie and teamwork. If you’re ready to alter the culture of your corporation as well as invest in the wellbeing of your associates, email Dana at today to begin to create your ideal retreat.

Pricing Available Upon Request

Retreats and Inclusion Programs

Dana specializes in helping create effective wellness and inclusion programs that focus on mental and emotional health for companies. Her programs are custom-tailored to fit the individual office and/or company’s unique needs. She specializes in emotional intelligence, emotional health, and self-awareness. Her wellness programs help bring a greater mindfulness to the individual resulting in enhanced productivity along with a more connected culture and welcoming environment.

Design Your Ideal Program

If you’re ready to shift your company’s culture and bring infinite value to your associates, send Dana an email at to start creating your custom wellness program today.

Pricing Available Upon Request