Healing Sessions

You can now receive ongoing intuitive healing with Dana depending on your needs.

The Daily 

You’re a no BS, fiercely intelligent and busy human longing for more spiritual infusion in your life. You know there’s more to all this success. Daily energy support to help keep you grounded during your hectic schedule. One-on-one phone sessions or even deep dive immersions to ensure that your emotional health is in order and you’re aligned with your spiritual purpose. With all this support, you’re ready to wield your philanthropic nature and create positive ripple effects in the world.

Monthly Healing

You’re ready for total alignment. You are courageous enough to explore all areas of your world. On the monthly 1:1 calls, you will explore your relationships, both romantic as well as familial and friendly. You are ready to heal your past traumas, explore your health, develop your own intuitive gifts, and align your career and purpose. The monthly small group calls led by Dana, along with easy digital access to a supportive community going through the same process, helps you feel less alone. The finale is the in person 1-day retreat and is the icing on the cake—and when you get to celebrate a whole new you.