Group Healing

Group Healing: Healing for Everyone

If you want an energy tune-up, to explore deeper parts of your soul, and learn to connect more deeply to the world around you, then this is for you. In this virtual group healing via Zoom, Dana will tap into what’s needed for your specific group. She will deliver a channeled message and healing energy tailored specifically for the people present. There will also be time for questions and answers. Note that it will NOT be recorded so please plan to attend the live session.

45 Min Zoom Session: $30

45 Min Zoom Session: $30

In need of an energy tune-up?

Ready to do some healing?

Want to explore deeper parts of your own soul?

Desire to tap into the profound healing energy that comes from a group being gathered with the same intention?

Just want to check Dana out and see what her healing and teaching is about?

What to Expect

In this virtual group healing, Dana will tap into what’s needed for the specific group. It will be a channeled message tailored specifically for those on the call.

She will intermix teachings and stories with powerful healing meditations and energy transmissions.

Often, the night before the healing, she is informed, via her dreams, about the specific topic.

Some examples of previous topics include Abandonment, Claiming Your Voice and Power, and Healing Your Inner Child.

She will make time for questions that may arise during the healing.

These events are live and are not recorded to protect everyone who participates. Please note that you will NOT receive a recording.

Tonight was AMAZING. Exactly what my soul needed.



Thank you so much for this powerful healing — forever grateful for the gift of being able to learn and heal with you! You’re absolutely incredible.



I can’t wait for the next one.

It was great. Really resonated! I got emotional.




Very healing.



I had a spontaneous past life healing. I was able to release the anger, terror, grief, and sadness.



Girl, you had me screaming and shaking like something was happening to me. Thank you for waving your hand and sending healing across lifetimes. Thank you!

You are a gift.



45 Min Zoom Session: $30

45 Min Zoom Session: $30