We all go through hard times. And we need access to truth during those times. Truths that anchor us into the real world of love. I’ve been inhaling wisdom from Marianne Williamson these last couple months, and I had the honor of seeing her in person this past weekend. There are so many big, great, anchoring truths she shared. But today, I wanted to share about love. Because at the end of it all, that’s the only thing that’s real and the only thing that matters.

Go be love today.

Love can not be uncreated and nothing else exists.

When we are thinking without love, we are not actually thinking at all.

Any thought you think is a thought of love or lovelessness.

Every emotion arrives from love or fear.

Love does not force.

All behavior is one of two things – love or a call for love.

Our purpose is to be an instrument of love.

Closing your heart is the only thing that can hurt you.