Dana’s work is the perfect marriage of reality and spirituality. Our sessions are the perfect love smack – she brings me back to a grounded and optimistic reality.
Kathryn Budig - NYC

International Yoga Teacher and Author

Whether you’re with Dana in a private consultation or in a group event, you can immediately sense a level of connection – deep, nurturing and true. I feel supported in her connecting me to my highest self and being a conduit for messages meant for me at that exact time. It’s been amazing to realize weeks or months in the future how our conversation shows up at just the right time, giving me added confidence that I am truly connected to my intuition.
Helen McKeon - Los Angeles, CA

Executive Management, Lululemon Athletica

Dana Childs is one of the best intuitives to walk this planet. Beyond that, her ease at communicating matters of the heart are outstanding. If you are seeking fulfillment, seek out Dana. Her insights and teachings have created amazing transformation and fulfillment in my life and so many others.
Cyndi Dale - Minneapolis, MN

Author, of nearly 25 bestselling spiritual books, including The Subtle Body Series--Encyclopedia, Practice Manual, and Coloring Book

At yesterday’s gathering, I was asked about the reading and others were interested in how impressed I was at the answers that came for me. To me that is what a reading should give – answers – but I must admit I asked for the reading with no preconceived notion of what I needed, wanted or would receive from it. I didn’t even know I had questions that could be addressed in a reading! The information you gave me was incredibly freeing in order to write the parts that had me stymied as to how I would/could handle it. Those stumbling blocks are gone now – and in fact the emotional barb connected has been removed. I find it most amazing – and joyous.
K.B. - Troutman, NC

I was very touched and moved by the spirit tonight [at the lecture] and had to e-mail you as soon as I got home. I am still just amazed and blown away by your talents and gifts. You have truly answered your calling. You opened my mind and heart tonight to feelings I couldn’t imagine feeling again since my mom’s death.
N.E. - Alpharetta, GA

I just want to thank you again for today. You are WILDLY GIFTED. Big magical gifts. I am so grateful for you.
Natalie C. - Charlotte, NC

Meditation Teacher

Thank you so much for everything! I’ve been on a high since our session, and I feel like my soul is singing!! So much gratitude for you!
Cait - Mooresville NC

Therapist and Past-life Regressionist

I’ve seen you work miracles on people, and I’ve seen you use your energy work to guide people through incredibly difficult times.
Craig Meyer - Charleston, SC


Thank you for your message today, it helped me shift right out of ego into spirit. You are beautiful in so many ways, and I appreciate you. You have been loving and kind, non-judgmental and supportive. I appreciate very much your willingness to look past all that I was mired in and assist me in moving into what I know to be who I am.
B. - Charlotte, NC

Dana helped me rediscover my true self and find purpose in my life. With such empowerment, I have converted my passion for cooking into a business where I am blessed enough to do what I love everyday. I am able to share my passion with others and become the best version of myself. The peace you find when you connect mind, body and spirit enriches your whole being and Dana can help you find that balance. Don’t misunderstand, she can not give you all the answers, but will instead provide the tools needed for you to see them for yourself.
B.J. - Charlotte, NC


Dana has helped me open up my eyes and heart and soul to the most beautiful way of understanding the world. She is brilliant, intuitive, and tells it like it is with the kindest, most compassionate and loving voice. Her INCREDIBLE energy work is truly my saving grace on the road.
Rachel Platten - Los Angeles, CA

Hit Recording Artist

Your reading/healing was so awe inspiring. Not only were you TOTALLY right, half an hour after I left you my knee stopped hurting and has not hurt since. I have been thinking on what you said and realize I do need to participate in my own direction. I am going to meditate on what I have already thought about since we met and try to form a ..blueprint, a flexible blueprint for the Universe. My fear of being wrong was holding me back; I see that now. I am in deep gratitude for having someone step up and tell me the truth of what was holding me back. Thank you. Really, thank you.”​​​
B. - Charlotte NC

Simply put, our couples session with Dana is truly the best gift we’ve ever given our relationship. Though we didn’t quite know what to expect, we quickly settled in and were so comfortable by the end that we didn’t want to leave! Dana inspired us, creating a spark of excitement and a renewed sense of understanding our ‘relationship roadblocks,’ which now feel instead like opportunities to grow together – wow! The learnings, insights, and wisdom we received from our time with Dana are a permanent fixture in our lives now, and will no doubt forever provide invaluable guidance for us on this journey together. We are so grateful.
K.J. - Charlotte, NC

Crossing paths with Dana and working with her is completely altering my life in the best possible way. I feel like I am waking up. The onion metaphor seems suitable here, in that this work is like peeling back the layers-the non-essentials we pile on to keep us from living from our core. Dana’s humility, empathy, and ability to connect is like having your own spiritual tour guide to help navigate a sometimes (okay, often) daunting journey, and her presence is powerful beyond measure. I am immensely grateful for the services she offers and the integrity she offers them with. On the journey to healing and wholeness, I’d have to agree with Rumi, ‘what you seek is seeking you.
M.O. - Charlotte, NC