The Ninth Chakra is an out-of-body chakra linked to the diaphragm. Gold in color, it houses our ability to psychically interpret and work with symbols for healing purposes. 

Located roughly a foot to a foot and a half above the head, it’s a center of energy that helps us align to our own destiny. It also serves as a center that enables us to advocate for the world on a greater scale. Those who are activists and seek to lead or participate in organizations or events that better the world are acting from their ninth chakra. 

Psychically, the ninth chakra holds the gift of symbology. This is the ability to intuitively perceive or interpret symbols and utilize them for healing–or other– purposes. If you’re familiar with Reiki, you’re likely aware of how symbols can be used for healing. For example, think of the power of the Christian cross, the Star of David, the symbol for Om, or the symbolism of a lit lantern outside of a station that designated a safe house for fleeing slaves during the time of slavery.  

When you see a symbol, you may intuitively be able to feel, see, or hear what its healing (or not) purpose is or how it can be used. Want to know something else cool? We all have our own personal symbol–one that us unique to us and can be used in our own healing or applied in our healing work with others. 

Try these three quick games to help you open your own gift of symbology–and to find your own personal symbol. 

Personal Healing Symbol 

You’ll need a piece of blank paper and a tool to write or draw with. Take a deep breath and align with your higher self.  Close your eyes and ask for your personal symbol to land in your mind’s eye. With your eyes remaining closed, bring your pen to paper and let your hand be guided across the page. Don’t think. Just flow until you’re guided to stop.

Open your eyes and look at your personal symbol. Hold it to your heart and ask that it penetrate the cells in your body.  

Spend some time meditating on your symbol so you can receive guidance on how it can be utilized. Perhaps it heals RNA or helps with sleep. Maybe it can bring peace to the anxious or healing energies to the plant kingdom. You’ll know what your symbol does. Trust your gut. 

Explore the Symbols

Get a book on symbols or either google “symbols” and click on the “images” tab. 

Home in on symbols you may not recognize. Just looking at the symbol, come up with what you think it may mean or how it may be used. After you do that, look at the write up or description of the symbol and see if you were close! 

Shape Up

Center yourself and take stock of how you feel physically and emotionally. Notate it.

Now, imagine yourself surrounded by a square. Feel, see, and sense yourself in this square. Note how it changes the way you feel. Go through this exercise for each of the following shapes: circle, rectangle, triangle, cross, oval, and star.  Note how each one alters your energy.