Did you know that the throat chakra contains its very own set of psychic gifts? The coolest part is that you can help them open! 

The Throat Chakra is an in-body chakra linked to the thyroid and can impact our neck, mouth, ears, and sinuses, as well as the back occipital ridge of the head.

Traditionally it’s seen as robin’s egg blue in color and provides our right TO EXPRESS ourselves. If you’re a singer, speaker, writer, in a job that focuses on communication, or express your creativity through your voice,  most likely your throat chakra is one of your strongest energy centers. The throat chakra is ultimately the place where we honor and speak our truth. 

Psychically, the throat chakra holds the gift of clairaudience or clear hearing along with the ability to be a mouthpiece for Divine truths. Clairaudience is when you can hear, perceive, or see the words or phrases that Source or other Divine beings are trying to share. You may hear it in your head as your own voice, hear it as if someone else is speaking into your ear, see the words in your head, or even hear a song in your head and know that it’s meant as a message.

Here are three quick games to help you open your own gift of clairaudience.

The Unspoken

Have a friend or loved one  tell you a story from their past but with some untruthful and/or missing details. As they tell you the story, make notes of what you perceive as untruthful along with important details or relationships they have left out. 

After they share their story, let them know your perceived untruths or missing details and have them validate or correct you!

What’s That Sound?

Choose a classical song. Play it aloud.  

As you listen, see which specific instruments (and how many) you can identify. Can you hear the trumpet? The saxophone? Flute? Tympani? Continue to pick out as many individual instruments as you can.

What you’re doing is attuning your ear to hearing the underlying pieces, the non-obvious. 

Song Messages

Choose a friend, colleague, or loved one that you feel comfortable with. Ask him or her to focus their mind on a certain event or feeling. Tune in to them as they hold this event or feeling in their mind. Allow a song to bubble up in your mind. Look up the lyrics. Share with your person the song you received as a message. Ask them how it fits into what they were thinking about or how it may apply to their current state of mind.