Did you know that the root chakra contains its very own set of psychic gifts? The coolest part is that you can help them open! 

The Root Chakra is the energy center housed at the base of our spine.

Traditionally it’s seen as red in color and provides our right TO BE physically on this Earth. If you’re an athlete or use your physical body to make a living, most likely your root chakra is one of your strongest energy centers. As one of our in-body chakras, the root chakra is the place where we honor and resonate with our family of origin and hold our tribal values.

Psychically, the root chakra holds the gift of physical empathy. Physical empathy is when you can feel another person’s (or animal’s) physical sensations in your own body. You may feel someone else’s headache, stomach issues, or heartburn and couldn’t explain why you have these symptoms. All of this is physical empathy.

This is a gift that can be developed and here are three quick games to help you open your own gift of physical empathy.

Body Sharing

With someone you know and trust, ask if you have permission to spiritually “feel” their body.

Once granted, close your eyes, and first scan your own body for any aches, pains, or physical sensations. Make a note of them.

Next, imagine yourself merging into their body. Take a few deep breaths and deeply connect.

Then, scan your body again and see what you feel now. How does it differ than your first scan?

Make notes of anything new you feel or experience.

Unmerge your body by imagining yourself pulling away from this person.

Then, ask them about what you felt and see if it matches the physical experiences they may be having.


Know Your Body

Spend a few minutes every day to get to know your own body. In a seated position, close your eyes, and starting at the top of your head, scan your body in small increments paying attention to any and all physical sensations you feel.

The key is to get so familiar with the physical sensations in your own body that you are able to immediately feel when something new or different “enters” or makes itself known.


Grocery Store Challenge

Drive or head to your local grocery store. Before going in, scan your body as above and be clear as to what your body feels physically. Next, go into the grocery store and be aware of your interactions. Note how and when your physical sensations change – even if you have to stop in an aisle and breathe for a little bit. Once you’re back in your car or safe at home, close your eyes and rescan. See what’s changed. If it’s different, you’ve most likely picked up some physical symptoms from the environment or people in it! Simply ask for what’s not yours to be cleared away and reset your body.