The Tenth Chakra is an out-of-body chakra linked to the bones and bone marrow and can impact our skeletal system as well as our immune function. 

Traditionally it’s seen as brown in color and provides our ability to connect and commune with nature. If you would rather be outdoors than in, and live to camp, hike, stargaze, conserve your environment, or have any other outdoor passions, your tenth chakra may be one of your strongest energy centers. 

Psychically, the tenth chakra holds the gift of natural empathy–the ability to connect, empathize, and communicate with your environment and surroundings.

Here are some ways your tenth chakra may be working for you:

Do you may feel stressed when land is being cleared or trees being cut down?

Are you impacted by planetary movement and astrological events?

Can you intuitively feel when your plants need water or more sunlight?

Are you able to sense the happiness of the birds when you feed them and the frustration of the squirrels when you make it difficult for them to eat it?

Can you read the clouds for messages?

Here’s the cool thing. You can develop these gifts and use your abilities to read the messages the Earth is giving you, and here are two quick games to help you open your own gift of environmental empathy.

The Animals Around You

For one day or week, pay attention to the animals that you see. Which animals come to your yard? Which animals do you see when you’re out?

As you see them, jot the name of the animal down and what you think the animal means or why it may have shown up for you. At the end of the day or week, google the spiritual meaning of the animals and see if you were close. 

Cloud Gazing

On a cloudy day, take some time to sky gaze. Take notes of the shapes you see and see if you can discern their meaning.  

Get specific. Ask for a message in the clouds about your past. See what you notice. Ask for a message about your present. See what cloud shapes are in the sky. Ask for a message about your future. Jot down what you see and tuck it in a safe place. 

Thirty to ninety days later, look back at what you wrote down. Were the clouds accurate in the messages about your future?