Two Games to Develop Your 8th Chakra Shamanistic Intuitive Gifts

Written By Dana Childs
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The Eighth Chakra is an out-of-body chakra linked to the thymus (helps with immune system and sits in the high heart area) and allows us to access all planes of reality, including the unseen.  It houses the gifts of healing and power. 

Traditionally it’s seen as black or silver in color and provides our ability to heal  ourselves and others. When properly developed, it gives us the ability to astral travel, visit beings in other universes and realities (including the deceased), explore the under, middle, and overworlds, as well as communicate with plants in order to discern their healing medicines. The eighth chakra is ultimately the place where we honor our mysticism and healing powers. It’s where we make the visible disappear, and the unseen show up.

When undeveloped, the shamanic chakra can look black in color and act like a sponge, absorbing the unhealed or sick energies of those we come in contact with. We absorb these energies, often unconsciously, as the true nature of our being is geared to help others feel better, emotionally and physically.

The eighth chakra, when utilized properly, allows you to transform and transmute energies into clean and healing vibrations. If we don’t know how to properly utilize these gifts, we may lean on earthly substances like alcohol, tobacco, other “plant” medicines, caffeine, or sugar to try to shift our vibration. Many shamans, when untrained or unconscious, easily tend toward addictions.

Here are a couple of quick games to help familiarize you with your own powers of healing.

Astral Visioning

Ask a friend or relative for permission to “astrally visit” a room in their home. Decide which room beforehand. Have them place two odd objects in the room, but don’t let them tell you what they are. For example, perhaps they place a teddy bear on the kitchen counter, or a pair of shoes in the middle of the kitchen floor. Or, if you’re visiting the living room, maybe it’s a blender on the coffee table and a roll of toilet paper on the couch. (You get the idea.)

Close your eyes and affirm yourself, all spirits, and The Great Spirit. Then, with eyes closed, ask that you be guided into the room you’ve chosen. Feel yourself enter the room. Pay attention to any information that comes in: colors, shapes, sounds etc.

Follow up with your friend and describe the room, including what may have been happening in the room at the time, or the odd objects you noticed. Practice.

Plant Nursery Visit

Visit your local plant nursery, or any other place that carries herbs.

Standing in front of the herb or plant, ask if you may know its secrets–what it offers in terms of healing properties and medicines. Perceive with your whole being. You may feel certain parts of your body light up, hear sounds or dialogue, or recieve visions. Be open and allow. Jot down anything you sense.

Then, google the plant or herb and see what it’s healing properties are. Repeat this exercise often to develop and strengthen the gift.

All Other Intuitive Exercises

Explore the blogs written for all of the other chakras housed within this website. There are exercises for developing all of the 12 chakric psychic gifts. As a shaman, you can access all of them with practice. And you’ll find that some chakras will feel more natural to you than others.  In the search bar on this website (located in the right sidebar), input “Intuitive Chakra Games,” and the articles should come up for you. You can also click the “Intuitive Development” category in the right sidebar to find the articles.

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