The Third Eye, or Sixth Chakra is an in-body chakra linked to the pituitary gland. It’s an energy center through which we gain perspective and are invited to see truths about your past, present, and future.  This center also enables us to create our futures by combining our self perceptions  with the options Source presents us with.

Traditionally it’s seen as indigo in color and provides our right TO SEE ourselves, our world, and our potentials. Those who highly value visual components and aesthetics or flawless design are often tapped into their third eye center.  The third eye chakra is ultimately the place where we “vision.”

Psychically, the third eye chakra holds the gift of clairvoyance or clear seeing. Clairvoyance is when you can see images that Source or other Divine beings are trying to share. You may see images in your head, see it as if someone else is showing you a movie on a screen in front of you, or have visions in dreams that are meaningful. 

Here are two quick games to help you open your own gift of clairvoyance.

What’s in the Room?

Walk into a room–preferably one you don’t spend a lot of time in–and do a quick look around. Give yourself about 30 seconds to take in the details. 

Walk out of the room and grab a notebook and pencil. Jot down all the details you can remember. Close your eyes and try to recall specifics. If there were books in the room, what colors were they? What were the titles? How many pillows, if any? Any artwork? What did it look like? Recall the color and details of the paintings. Any and everything you can remember. 

Once you have your list complete, take it with you back into the room and see the details you got correctly. Notice anything you missed or forgot. 

You can repeat this with other rooms as many times as you want to hone your psychic seeing. 

Sky Rainbow

Close your eyes and imagine a rainbow. Clear and bright. 

Focus in on the just the outer purple layer. In your mind’s eye, visualize the purple band detaching from the rainbow. Focus on it floating up and away, high into the sky.   

Go back to the rainbow in your mind’s eye, now missing it’s purple layer and focus on the now outer band of indigo. Imagine it detaching from the rainbow. Focus on it floating up and away, high into the sky until it joins back to the purple layer. 

Go back to  the rainbow in your mind’s eye and focus on the now outer turquoise layer. Repeat the above steps. Go through all of the colors of the rainbow: green, yellow, orange, and red. 

Once complete, see your completely reconstructed rainbow high in the sky of your inner eye.