Understand Your Child with Human Design

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Empower Your Child Using Human Design

The human design system can provide us with a better understanding of who we are and how our energy can be more in flow. When we start to have awareness of these energetics we tend to give ourselves more permission, self-love, and have more compassion for those around us.

You can look up your free Human Design chart here.

One of my favorite ways to use this system is to support parents to nurture their children. Human design can help you better understand your child! I walk you through this in my Parental Support Session, a tool with so much magic.

While there are many places to break down this information in our children’s chart, the first place to start is with your child’s human design energy type. Pull your child’s chart and take note of their type. Then, find their type listed below and use these suggestions to help empower your child and improve your relationship with them as well. 

If your child is a Manifestor

Your child comes into the world with big energy and is naturally independent. See where you can let them lead and initiate at times. Allow space for their big ideas and visions to come to life and for them to inform you about those visions when ready. They need to feel free in their ability to express and share. If there are times when your Manifestor child seems a little more closed off, know that can be normal as they need some time to be alone and will let you know when they want to come back and be more connected and open.

If your child is a Projector

Your child naturally sees the world from a different perspective with a new way of doing things to make them better and more efficient. Try to give them space to follow their curiosity and the things they want to learn about. Ask them about what it is they see! This is going to make them feel recognized and seen which is the biggest gift to nurture your Projector child. They might play or do school work or other activities in a surge of energy for a period of time, with periods of rest after that, so follow that natural rhythm and don’t expect them to always be ‘on.’ They may sometimes get overstimulated by taking in the energy of those around them, so it can be a good idea to practice ‘unplugging’ from others’ energy at the end of the day with a reset and wind down.

If your child is a Generator

Your child has a stable and productive energy and it’s so important to allow them to follow and commit their energy to what lights them up. Ask them yes or no questions to get them into the habit of tuning into their intuitive knowing. Kids are usually already connected to this at such a young age, and it’s supportive when parents and caregivers can nurture children to continue to follow it. When they get excited about something they may have a big movement in their body or an audible sound that comes out. This is normal, as it’s them tapping into their joy. Any time we can nurture that rather than trying to quiet them down, it will be supportive for them and help them to stay in tune with who they are.

If your child is a Manifesting Generator

Your child is a quick mover with a lot of energy and passion. Don’t always expect yourself to keep up with them! They share the energy of a Generator in the sense that they are meant to follow what brings them joy using their built-in compass—their intuition—so ask them yes or no questions to help them gain clarity. They like to try something on and explore it, then once they no longer have the interest or energy for that particular thing, allow them to pivot to where their energy is naturally being pulled. This is healthy for them, so try to give them space to do this rather than label it as ‘quitting.’ They learn very quickly and will take with them all the skills they learn along the way to the next thing.

If your child is a Reflector

Your child is really tuned into the environment around them. Because of that, they can feel many different facets of their personality through those around them. Allow them to try on all the different pieces of them without putting them in a box, as their identity might constantly be shifting. If your reflector child is not feeling well there is a lot of information here because they really are the reflection of the environment around them—if they are not well, there is something wrong with the environment. It’s a great idea at that point to make some changes, whether that is adjusting the actual space or ensuring they are being surrounded by people who make them feel really good. Try not to put pressure on your reflector child to make decisions in the moment as sometimes they need more time and space to feel things out.

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