Understanding Your Purpose Through Human Design

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Let Human Design Help You Determine Your Purpose

Contributed by: Emily Serenius

If you’ve ever struggled to figure out what your ultimate purpose is, then this is the article you will want to spend three minutes reading. It will help you understand your purpose using Human Design.


Did you know there are layers to your purpose? Through the lens of Human Design, you have an overarching purpose as well as a more nuanced or specialized purpose.

Your overarching purpose is tied to your Energy Type. If you’re not sure of your Human Design Energy Type, get your free chart HERE so you can use the list below to see what your purpose is based on your type.

You also have a  more nuanced purpose that is called your Incarnation Cross in Human Design. This incarnation cross includes your 4 strongest intuitive gifts and is a great place to focus a Human Design Reading if you’d like more information on your personal purpose and how you might meet it.

Overarching Purpose Per Energy Type

Manifesting Generator

Your BIG purpose is to create something new that the world has never seen before.

How do you do that?

You know all those hobbies you have, all those seemingly “unrelated” interests you find yourself drawn to? THAT all has purpose for you. Your interests and hobbies are no coincidence. They are the EXACT thing that will move you toward your purpose. You can weave all of these interests together into something new for humanity.


Your BIG purpose is to stay lit up and electric as much as possible.

How do you do that?

Start saying NO. Declutter the obligations, the things you seem to be dragging your feet on, the “shoulding” that goes on in your life. When you start to clear out the things that don’t feel like a 10/10, the Universe can fill in that space with juicy sparkly stuff that feeds your fire.


Your BIG purpose is to blaze the trail even when the world says go the other way; you show us the direction you know humanity needs to go.

How do you do that?

When you feel that burst of inspiration and the knowing of the direction you want to go, trust that feeling like it’s destiny – because it is. You don’t need to people please your way to success; your purpose is all about going in the direction less traveled and watching others follow in your footsteps.


Your BIG purpose is to guide us with the perspective that you see so clearly. 

How do you do that?

Provide your guidance to those who recognize your wisdom once you notice there is space for the wisdom to land in the person asking. You were born with the eye and perspective of how you want to contribute to the energy on our planet. You also get to your purpose by giving yourself enough space and rest to hone your gifts and abilities. Your energy battery needs a lot of care and attention. Honoring your energy levels will inevitably guide you toward your purpose.


Your BIG purpose is to show and reflect to the world what is working for us and what is not.

How do you do that?

Tell us how you feel in the environments you find yourself in. You have the most absorbent and open energy of anyone on the planet. Use this ability to feel into anything and anyone and reflect to us the energy you’re experiencing to show us as a society how we are doing. When a reflector raises their hand with concern, we all need to listen. You are the barometer of our society – your sense of the world is important to share.

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