Update Your Energy Processing Ability

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Are Your Healing Abilities Outdated?

Contributed by: Tam Burke

Here is the common thread I see in healing sessions: the need for someone to hold space while we unpack ourselves, the need to be seen clearly and with loving eyes, and the permission to run the gamut of emotions. During a session, a healer holds a container of safety for you to move through what feels stuck or challenging in your life right now. They may see these areas of density, and help you move through them with ease and emotion.

A session with a healer may include:

    • Intuitive insights from your Highest Self, Spirit, or guides. 
    • Somatic regulation work through breath work
    • Meditation
    • Internal awakening on your part
    • Deepened self-awareness
    • & so much more

The thing is, our bodies are like massive computers that store everything. Unless we truly connect to our bodies and heal the hurts and traumatic memories stored within, then we keep a lot of disruptive programs running in the background. And that means more hardships, more tension, and more sabotaging our own relationships and greatness. Yikes!

If you were lucky enough to experience Windows 98, you know what slow processing looks like. This same experience happens in our body with unfelt and unprocessed trauma. To help close the extra programs running, from time to time you must get in the basement of your being and clear out the scary spiders that may be lurking. Basically, you need to defrag your system!

Through energy healing sessions, this is exactly what can be achieved—identify and heal the old programs. Let’s clean up your system so your body and your energy can run clearer and more efficiently.

Above all, we are here to serve as trusted guides, confidants, and cheerleaders so you feel empowered and ready to drop old stories and beliefs. Let us help you move into a life beyond what you can imagine for yourself.

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