Meet Nicole Broadus

Contributed by: Nicole Broadus

Sound healing. You’ve heard of it, maybe dabbled in it, but what in the world IS IT? I am going to give you a crash course today on how I work with sound and frequency to create more healing potential for you.

Meet Nicole Broadus, Acutonics® Practitioner

By the way, if we haven’t met yet, I am Nicole Broadus, a healer on the Dana Childs Intuitive team, and I offer sessions using Acutonics®. Acutonics is a method of healing derived from Traditional Chinese medicine, and it uses vibration via precision-calibrated tuning forks, chimes and Tibetan bowls applied on or over specific acupuncture points to clear and help heal your body, mind and spirit. You can read more about it here!

In a session with Nicole…

In my sessions, I utilize Acutonics® sound healing to address all types of traumas. Through sound vibration and intention, we gain access to the roots of your family tree to address trans-generational trauma allowing us to work ancestral issues. A sound healing session with me includes sound directly applied to various acupuncture points and meridians to open and clear or build up qi (energy) that is stuck or deficient. Each treatment includes grounding with Ohm to open and close the session, as well as application of sound directly placed on two acupuncture point sets. The points selected for each treatment are based on the client’s concerns and intentions for healing. And don’t worry, we’ll chat beforehand so I know exactly what you’re looking to work on and will choose those points accordingly.

I’ve worked on Dana! 

I have worked on Dana (and Sufi too!) many times. I’ve helped her release old trauma as well as clearing energy in her home. I’ve been able to clear her headaches and give her relief while her body has been involved in her lengthy mold battle – poor lady! I helped Sufi with her digestion and energy too. That little piglet soaks it right up!

I look forward to working with you as well. I promise to take extra good care of you.