Mercury in Retrograde is already showing itself even though the exact dates of retro are May 19th, 2015-June 11th, 2015.  In honor of Mercury Retrograde and its joy in wreaking havoc in our communications and relationships, this entry will help explain what our energy does when we have a non physical fight with someone. After all, disagreements and misunderstandings can quickly escalate to discomfort, and understanding the energy of a fight is key in our ability to quickly shift it.

Why do we fight?  We fight to claim power, to be right, to be heard.  We fight when we’re afraid of being dismissed, rejected, overlooked, or not enough.  We fight when we think other people are wrong, and we think other people are wrong because we need to be right.

So what does it look like?

It looks like a ping-pong match between the warring people’s solar plexus, an energy center located in the area below the rib cage and above the belly button. The solar plexus, also called the 3rd chakra, is the place where our self-esteem lies; it’s how we see the world (through our belief systems) and how we think the world sees us.  It is the center from which our boundaries and our intuition emanate.  So, during a disagreement, the energy bounces back and forth at the solar plexus level between the two people (or groups of people) without resolution.  This can be tiresome and boring and can weigh heavy on our emotional energy center, which sits below the solar plexus and can also block the energy flowing into and out of our heart.  Plus, it can often leave us lonely.

Until one of the fighting members is able to open up their heart space and process the energy on a different level, the fight or misunderstanding can continue and can sometimes spiral out of control. (I’ll tell you HOW to open up your heart and process the energy in next week’s blog post!) During a disagreement, we typically get so hyper-focused on being right (and clinging to the power in our solar plexus) that we are unable to move our energy into our heart to understand and empathize with whomever we may be fighting. And let’s face it, the heart is where a person’s true power abides. We are powerful when we try to understand where someone is coming from and can hold compassion for them, not when we’re stubbornly trying to be right.

Who among us wouldn’t be better served by creating more peace on a daily basis in our own lives? After all, becoming a breed of humans who are at peace in their daily lives will eventually stem out to create cities of humans at peace, nations of humans at peace, and one day, hopefully, a more peaceful world.

For the rest of this week, see if you can look at where you are at war in your own life. With whom is this war  and how do you think your world will suddenly be improved if they acquiesce and say that you’re right? Is sacrificing your peace and happiness worth being right? Or, can you claim your true power by moving into your heart?