Last week, I was speaking with a new phone client – we’ll call her Jennifer – and I let her know that one of the ways in which I work is to connect to her Higher Self.

“My Higher Self?”  Jennifer questioned.

“Yes,” I answered.  “I’ll call her your Spirit.  I’ll be speaking with and listening to her as she sheds light on the issues and topics that you bring up to discuss.  She’ll often provide different perspectives or reshape things so that they are easier to understand, along with providing a deep knowledge about what your personal path of growth looks like at the moment and what options and choices would most serve you.  I will help relay this as guidance, never as something that you must or should do.  You always have options and free will.”

Jennifer was silent on the other end.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said through tears.  “I’m just so moved by the idea of my Spirit being with me, helping me, guiding me and loving me…like a person.”

“It is amazing, isn’t it?”  I said.  “Our Spirits are the pure part of ourselves that love us unconditionally, guiding us through life when we don’t even know it.”

After our session, I received an email from Jennifer, still moved by recognizing that her Spirit is always with her. She wrote, “I feel so calm and at peace with where things are going, and I just can’t shake how pleasing it is to imagine my spirit hovering around me (with me?) keeping me on the right path, supporting, protecting… It is so joyful. It’s gotten me thinking a lot about my spirit – who is she? Has she always existed and been brought back in various forms (I’m just one of those forms in this iteration?)or is she my guardian angel? A bit of both?”

It’s a profound question and one that I wanted to share with all of you, just in case you’re wondering about your Higher Self or Spirit, about what the little voice is that you may sometimes hear guiding you.

Who is My Spirit?

Your Spirit is You.  It’s that all-knowing, all-loving part of you that has your best interest and highest good at heart ALL the time.  It’s the you that is pure consciousness, that remembers your Divine Blueprint and plan for your life.  It’s the piece of you that is always ushering you toward growth and learning.  Your Spirit is like the Unconditional Loving parent endlessly whispering in your ear or giving you messages by utilizing your body, trying to get you to hear him or her.  For example, is your stomach “off” for seemingly no physical cause?  That could be your Spirit trying to let you know that there is something emotional or situational that you are having a hard time “digesting.”  Do you get migraines that don’t seem to be related to an external trigger?  This could be your Spirit’s way of pointing out that you are feeling helpless around something in your life.  Do you feel something pulling at you to get you to do something or change something in your life?  That’s your Spirit!

Has My Spirit Always Existed?

As I understand it, Yes. Your Spirit is pure, Divine Love and has been with you from Inception of your Soul, through all of your lifetimes.  Your Spirit carries truths as it is the part of you that remains connected to Source even when your Soul and mind trick you into feeling disconnected or separate from Source.

How is My Spirit Different From my Soul?

Since our Spirit remains centered in Divine, forgiving love constantly, it is unable to hold on to deeper learnings that our being wishes to experience.  Our Soul is that layer of us that was created as more dense in order to hold on to lessons and learnings.  However, this can be unfortunate in that we can learn some untruths and our Soul will hold onto them as truths, creating false beliefs in our body which play out in our lives in sometimes harmful ways.  For example, think about racism.  There are some people whose souls fully believe that racism is acceptable and “right.”  This would be a belief that their Souls holds, yet their Spirits would not be able to hold this belief as it lends itself to ego and separateness; The Spirit doesn’t operate by either of those principles.  Another example might be a person whose Soul holds the belief that he/she is not lovable or is not deserving; this may be something that was learned by the Soul in past lifetimes and possibly reiterated in the Family of Origin or in circles of friends and colleagues in this lifetime and is being held onto by the Soul, yet the Spirit would not be able to learn such a belief as it does not resonate in Unconditional Divine Love.  Sometimes your Spirit can help you by nudging you to learn new lessons and truths, and sometimes it helps you grow by pushing you to recognize and shift the untrue beliefs held by your Soul, by which you’re living your life.

Is My Spirit My Guardian Angel?

No.  Your Guardian Angel is with you always, and, like your Spirit, was with you from Soul Inception. Your Guardian Angel has been with you in every incarnation of your being EVER, and will continue to be with you always.  Angels, with the exception of the two Archangels Metatron and Sandalphon, have never been, nor ever will be human.  They have Angel energy, not human energy.  Human energy is infused with the very essence of the Divine, A Divine Spark.  This Divine Spark is what makes your Angel love you so; your Angel travels with you time and again to all planes of reality and all spaces of existence simply to be near to the essence of you, because you are eternally connected to the Divine, because the Divine is inside of you.  Guardian Angels will always help when called upon and are great for whisking you out of trouble and protecting you, whereas your Spirit may at times lead you into a little trouble if it means that you will gain wisdom from it.

Will I Meet My Spirit When I Cross Over?

Once you cross over, you will eventually become one with your Spirit again and merge into him or her as you heal from being in a human body and experiencing human emotions.

Hopefully this information will allow you to feel more connected to your Spirit.  How would you live your life differently if you imagined your Spirit as an ever-present being always guiding you with love, pushing you forward ever so gently, bending down and whispering in your ear, “I love you.  I’m supporting you.  I’ve got you.  Move forward.  Learn.  Live.  Grow.”  Because, right now, that’s exactly what your Spirit is saying.