What I Do to Heal

Written by Dana Childs

Dana has been described as “non-definable” due to her immense gifts. Her work has been sought out and praised by actress and Goop founder, Gwyneth Paltrow, as well as a host of famed actresses, Grammy award winners, dancers, and talk show hosts. LEARN MORE

How A Healer Heals

Too often we think that healing is doing more, obtaining more, achieving more.

More health. More success. More intuition. More happiness. More peace.

But those things are results of healing, not the healing itself. Healing happens when we create the space for expansion. Space is created by subtraction, by letting go, by releasing our grip.


(Truly pause with each question and allow yourself to feel what could shift.)

  • What would your world look like if you let go of the beliefs holding you back?
  • What if you no longer played the negative tapes on loop in your head?
  • What if you no longer held your caregivers responsible for your problems?
  • What if you released all the decades of hurt and resentment?
  • What if you let go of doubt and insecurity?
  • What if you cleared your calendar of the obligations and things you feel you “have” to do and instead replaced them with joyful activities?
  • What if you believed your line of work was joyful or saw work or career simply as a means to bringing your healing light forward?
  • What if you let go of the perception that the world is against you rather than for you?

How I’ve Personally Created More Space for My Healing

I have now twice let go of the lives I had constructed for myself. The first one being a life of a teacher turned corporate ladder climber — a life that prioritized dollars and assumed success over health and relationships — a life that had me dropping off my personality in the lobby before I stepped into my cubicle on the 32nd floor to say yes to things that didn’t matter to my soul. I literally sold what I owned, packed a backpack, and bought a one-way ticket to India. I created infinite space in my life. Drastic, but effective.

Now, for the second time, I’m letting go of a life I’ve constructed that aimed to heal all my lovability wounds. Once again, I’m letting go of my housing structure, all things collected and purchased, and my geographical place of residence. Sometimes, there’s a letting go of friends. And none of this is easy. But, what can I say? My spirit lives by, “Go big or go home.”

What I learn each time is that release IS healing. Release gives space for new friends, new values, new places in which to thrive. It opens me to ask, “Who am I now? What lights me up? What do I love?”

Don’t get me wrong, it can be scary and overwhelming too. So I always cultivate resources to help me on the journey. I like to have a handful of books to remind me to turn to stay grounded in spiritual truths, a therapist, an energy healer, a body worker, and a physician (if needed).

Ready to heal?

What are you looking to release? Stop right now and simply jot down three things that come to mind for you. They don’t have to make sense. Just quickly, without analyzation, jot down three things that are heavy that you no longer wish to carry or do or believe.

That’s step one. Then set that paper aside and look at it again in a few days. Does it still hold true? If so, start making slow plans (no need to rush!) to clear that out for yourself. If not, remake your list of three items and repeat.

If you’re at a total loss on what or how to release, seek out a professional and let them help you. Release the idea that you have to do it on your own! (see what I did there? ha!)

If you’d like support in subtracting from your life, book a healing session with one of our healers for Human Design, Human Design: Career & Parenting, Acutonics Sound Healing, or Intuitive Energy.

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