The world is changing. We are changing. That old saying, “People never change.” Yeah. That’s pretty much crap. People are capable of profoundly deep change. Some choose it. Some don’t. But possibility always exists. And the world we live in is always changing, from a political path, to societal norms, to food preferences, to how the energy of the world supports us.

So let’s focus on the energy perspective. We’re coming out of the era of staunch creation – the mindset of vision boards, controlling the outcome, and strict goal setting. Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying these are bad things. What I’m saying is they may be unnecessary given the way in which the energetics of this new age are supporting us.

The best boss I’ve ever had – yes, flashback to my corporate banking days – blew me away with how he worked – or should I say – how the world worked for him? We would have a 10 point task list, and I would start wanting to barrel through the list and get things done, you know, so I could check them off – because that made me feel like I was in control of something. But he was constantly telling me to slow down and wait which I thought made no sense in our busy banking environment.

I looked at the list. We had to call the office of our supervisor two rungs up. “We have to make this call,” I said. “It’s been on the list for two days.” “No,” he said. “Not yet. Just wait.”

Ugh. I was so frustrated. I just wanted to get this done, mark it off the list, and move on. Two hours later our phone rings and it’s the supervisor’s office that was on our list to call. The call got done, and we didn’t have to initiate it.

“Did you know he was going to call?”  I asked. “Is that why you told me to wait?”

“No,” he said, “but I could feel that it wasn’t right to call him when you wanted to and that we were supposed to wait. I just listened to that because I’ve learned that business flows better for me when I listen to those feelings.”

It was really easy to do business his way. I loved the year that I worked for him and the lessons he taught me: “Let the business come to you. Just be open for it,” and “Your intuition belongs in your business” among many others.

He trusted his intuition and allowed the world to deliver to him rather than have to go out and chase it. He knew the real secret – that what needed to get done was always getting done and that there was nothing to go out and arm wrestle. What we needed would come to us. He believed this. And it worked that way.

This isn’t limited to just business. It also works the exact same in our personal lives. We no longer have to sit around and work so hard to create and control. We simply have to tune in to our hearts. What we truly desire is already imprinted there. It’s written in blood. When we tune into our hearts, we are engaged with our true essence which allows the Universe to show up around us with exactly what we wish for.

How much more effective would we be if we allowed our world to form around us, to simply show up rather than trying so hard to create it? Because let’s face it, how many times are we creating something only to wish we hadn’t?

How would our world shift if we inherently understood that what we truly need and desire already exists and that our only task is to be open to recognizing and receiving it when it shows up?

Because it will show up.

The energies around us are supporting a new way to manifest, a new way to live in this world. We just have to recognize it and lean into the flow.

Where in your life are you trying so hard to create that you’re not allowing things to unfold? Where can you loosen your vision just enough to let your heart rule the way?