The Body.

It may not always look the way you want, or work the way you intend. But it will always, always tell you the truth.

That’s right. Your body is your most valuable intuitive tool – and often gets overlooked.

My body’s intuitive?

Yup. It knows. And it can’t lie about it. Not one little eensy, teensy bit. 

Remember when you were ready for your last relationship to end and you felt sort of queasy or disgusted when you were kissing? Remember when you were working that job and started getting stomach aches all the time? Remember when you had demands and responsibilities coming at you from family and friends and got that migraine?

Uh-huh. That’s your body telling you what’s happening. Your body can’t lie to you about what foods are good for you or which ones cause issues. Your body can’t lie to you about who you love or who you don’t. It can’t lie to you about the jobs that serve you or those that crush your spirit. 

Your body is an instrument of truth structured to protect and care for you in the best and only way it knows how. And it longs to be honored and heard. 

How do I listen to my body?

It’s not as hard as it seems. What the body needs is for you to be tuned in. It needs your time. (And your care.)

Here are two simple ways to start learning how to listen to your body. 

AM & PM Scan

Take time in the morning to scan your body and see what “symptoms” are present or not. Rescan in the evening to see what’s changed. Then ask yourself questions like: Who did I bump into and what did my body pick up from that encounter? What did I experience that may have made my body feel more uncomfortable or more open? Just allow yourself to drift through your day and ponder. 

Body Sensing

Set aside some time to be with your body. Scan through and take stock of how it’s feeling – note any emotions or physical sensations present. Then ask for it to be a clear channel for you. Bring to mind a question or situation that you’d like an “intuitive” take on – a gut sense about. Hold that in your mind and allow the energy of whatever it is to flow through your body. Note what happens in your body. Does it tighten? Open? Get cold? Hot? Just take notice. That will give you a better sense of what you “know” intuitively. 

Your body loves you. It’s working hard for you (and to talk to you) every single day. It’s doing the best it can. What it needs from you is some attention.

Get to know it.

It’s got a lot to tell you.