Empowered Empath Course


Emotional Mess to Empowered Empath in Less Than Three Weeks

Are you ready to identify when you are utilizing your empathic gifts versus when they are pushing you into overwhelm? Click here to learn more.

Empowered Empath

Emotional Mess to Empowered Empath in Less Than Three Weeks

Are you ready to identify when you are utilizing your empathic gifts versus when they are pushing you into overwhelm?


  • How to know if you are an empath and how this gift can serve you and those you love.
  • How to identify if the emotions you’re experiencing are yours
  • Tips on parenting as an empath
  • What emotional highs and lows and odd physical sensations can mean for an empath
  • Places that may prove challenging for you as an empath
  • Tools for healthy boundaries
  • Learn to identify how your empathic abilities impact your romantic relationships
  • How to gracefully parent your empathic child
  • And more …

Whether you’re looking to better understand yourself, learn to manage your empathic gifts, or establish a healthy foundation to safely open your other intuitive gifts, this seven-module course is packed full of information that can be used in all aspects of your life. Join this course to become aware of how your empathic abilities color your every day experience. Learn to control this gift so you can utilize it for your own healing and growth. After all, being an empath signals your longing for true connection. When you know more about who you are, you can show your authentic heart to all those you love.

What’s Included:

Determine how being an empath is impacting your life and why being an empath is magical.

Lessons include:
– Let Me Introduce Myself
– I’m So Glad You’re Here
– Set Your Intention
– The Gift of Being an Empath
– You’re An Empath If

So You’re An Empath
Utilize two powerful techniques to help you understand and control your empathic gifts.

Lessons include:
– Clear Your Energy
– Scan Your Body

The Impact Of Being an Empath
Discover the science behind being an empath as well as uncover how your family of origin and childhood played a role in creating your empathic development.

Lessons include:
– Let’s Talk Science
– But I’m Just a Baby

Acquire best parenting practices as an empathic parent along with tips on how to parent your empathic child.

Lessons include:
– Parenting as an Empath
– So Your Child is an Empath

Other’s Energy
Grasp how certain places, geography, world events, and animals can impact your emotional and physical health and know what to do about it.

Lessons include:
– More Than a Feeling
– Sticky Energy: Planes, Liquor, Ink and Death
– Now We Get Weird

Learn to keep your empathic gifts from sabotaging your romantic relationships, recognize and rectify empathic co-dependency, and survive an argument as the sensitive empath you are.

Lessons include:
– Empaths in Relationships
– Empathic Codependency
– The Battle

Boundaries and Tools
Create healthy energy hygiene in all aspects of your life, and use your empathic gifts rather than be used by them. 

Lessons include:
– Boundaries
– I Will Survive: Your Toolkit
– What To Do With All This Empathy

About Your Teacher

Believe when I say that I’ve been there. I spent years floundering as an empath because I didn’t know what I was or why I experienced things so much more intensely than others. I felt like something was wrong with me or that I must not know how to manage myself or my emotions. I felt out of control.

When I finally realized I was an empath and most of my moments of “crazy” were happening when I was picking up on others’ emotions and physical sensations, I felt the sort of relief you feel when you see sunshine after a season of non-stop rain.

I learned to identify empathy where others might see anxiety, over-emotionality, or chronic health problems. I have helped numerous clients recognize their empathic gifts where before they felt confusion, exhaustion, or frustration, and I’d love to do the same for you.

If you’re ready to see your empathic gifts as a touchstone of who you are and solidify them as a foundational structure on which to unlock all of your other intuitive gifts, then journey with me into this video course.

Let my years of floundering serve as your foundation, and get ready to more deeply understand yourself and master your empathic gifts.

From one empath to another,